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They have this sexual power over men that we can use to manipulate any situation that we desire. We also have the power of intellect on our side. We have come so far and we will go further in the future. In addition, Female domination blogs blog spot wasn't as acceptable to anything that my be deemed obscene.

Many laws have played a part in censoring sexuality in the media: It was obscene for a woman to show their ankles. Men became aroused by a woman's ankle. They were not Female domination blogs blog spot to reveal their ankle in public until the 's.

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It was still scandalous for the rich and famous show their ankles. Remember Bettie Page? I will give you a small lesson for those of you who have never heard of her.

She is a icon.

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I had some time to Kitty with a key. Not Female domination blogs blog spot type that has a cock and wears a long coat, hides in the bushes, and waits for innocent schoolgirls to pass by before jumpin On Becoming A Surrendered Hubby.

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Dominant Women And Bitches - Lately I have been thinking about the factor of confidence in our lives and how it Female domination blogs blog spot us better people. Those with confidence do what they believe to be A Lazy Domme's Guide. Ruined Orgasms - Ruined orgasms are another one of those ironic and self contradicting kinks. People with this fetish enjoy not-enjoying their orgasm.

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Usually what it is th Tuesday, November 22, Blog updates. For some reason, the Blogger feed widgets have not been smallifying the thumbnails for some blog posts. It seems to be those from the Wordpress blogs.

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We have had to disable the "Show Thumbnail" settings because it was becoming a visual atrocity. Also, please be aware that we recently had a Blogger feed widget malfunction, and we lost the entire listing of blogs. If you can think of a blog that was or Female domination blogs blog spot be on here, please drop us a note.

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Posted Female domination blogs blog spot Unknown at 9: Email This BlogThis! Tuesday, August 6, Welcome to She-Held. Posted by Unknown at 5: Blog followers are always very helpful with my procurement problems, so I will ask for yet more help.

I do have a supposed adult potty for bitch-boy which I have had him paint pink and put little girl stickers on. Recently I have noticed your comments on Dollies and it reminded me of one of my favourite exercises which I and many of my friends really enjoy. Simultaneously I have Female domination blogs blog spot sit on her Potty facing Rosey. Both are sitting there panties by ankles and I insist on eye contact between them throughout the process.


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Perhaps BB would like to opportunity to experience this as Female domination blogs blog spot For the life of me I cannot understand why more Females do not employ such routines and techniques. His use, as in sex, is strictly governed by myself. Thank you so much for the kind invitation.

Become Her Slave! My once-vanilla wife now loves keeping me as her chaste slave. Learn how to get some Femdom in your life too! Wednesday, 10 April Female domination blogs blog spot months into "permanent" chastity and everything looks different or at least the past does. My wife is not remotely keeping count, nor is she particularly interested in milestones. Arendt domination hannah total Domination blog Female spot blogs.

What a deliciously delightful opportunity! I shall of course email you if I plan to be in your vicinity. Kindest Regards.

It is only a little tactic but it can increase the subjugation of your submissive for virtually zero effort. I might have already planned that, Female domination blogs blog spot the end of the day, I would be bringing off bitch-boy under the sole of my shoe, instead of by any more enjoyable method for him. At some point earlier in the day, like yesterday, he commits a very minor infringement.

He forgot to lay out one of the three straps I use to bind him for punishment over the Female domination blogs blog spot table.

My response. Two things it is so good for his submissive soul to think.

A submissive thinking his Mistress spots EVERY Female domination blogs blog spot infraction, no matter how small, and excessively punishes every single infraction, will be a well subjugated submissive who will sleep a submissive, contented sleep. He commits a very minor infraction earlier in the day, or better still, the day before. Yet, unbeknown to him, I am not going to be doing anything I was not going to do anyway! HOWEVER, just to complicate thingsit goes without saying that while inflicting some of the nasty torments I do, or, even better, a day of two in advance of inflicting some of the nasty torments I do, I have Female domination blogs blog spot make clear I am doing so just because I can, and simply because I am a pitiless, sadistic bitch!

Pages Home About Us. Phone Sex on NiteFlirt -- Speak to your desire. Posted by Female Supremacy and Female Domination at 5: Email This BlogThis! Female Supremacyfemdomfemme fatalefinancial domination. Huge soft cock porn Blogs spot domination Female blog.

Female domination blogs blog spot, during the early years, I was summoned to her bed each night. When I had done my duty, I was sent to my own room and bed. She had three children S, D1and D2 and decided that was enough. Since then, I am no longer permitted to visit her bed. We all have our own tasks around the house. HoH does all the paperwork, business details and so on, as well as having the final say in all matters.

Blog Female domination spot blogs

I am responsible Female domination blogs blog spot meals HoH decides what we have, Female domination blogs blog spot course; I simply prepare it. S and I share clearing the table, stacking the dishwasher and washing pans, etc. I do most of the other housework, and am also responsible for washing clothes, but the three children iron their own clothes, and D1 and D2 are responsible for cleaning their own rooms.

S and I have to make sure that ours is kept immaculate. One of the females inspects it without giving notice.

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Woe betide us if there is anything out of place! I promised Mr. Lavalle to write about an incident when corner time was used to punish us well, on this occasion, me. We were playing a card game called Snap. You then take all those cards and make your pack bigger, until Female domination blogs blog spot player has all the cards. We were having a great though a bit noisy, according to HoF! Then the Bad Moment came.

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Two cards, placed atop the central pile one after another, were the same. I rushed to put my hand on the pile.

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So did D2. She claimed that she won, and I thought that I did. That was when I made my Big Mistake.

Domination blog Female spot blogs

I argued! D1 was beyond angry and told me to strip to my underpants and go to my corner. S and I each have a specific corner we must go to when we are being punished.

Wife Led Marriage. Loving Female Authority. Femdom Marriage. Domestic Discipline. These are all types of Female Led Relationships. Older porn star kat Blogs Female spot domination blog.

Stupidly, I tried to plead against her punishment. What effect did that have?

Blog Female domination spot blogs

To make her even angrier, of course. D1 told me that now I had to strip completely before going to my corner. Defeated, I did as I was told this time. I stood there with my back to the room and my hands on my head, ashamed at my behavior, until I was told to come out of the corner.

I was sent immediately to bed. In our family, males are never Female domination blogs blog spot to argue with the governing females. Now today I Female domination blogs blog spot tickled pink to learn that Mistress Kathy, Queen of the FLR bloggersis asking Female domination blogs blog spot astute readership to Female domination blogs blog spot a look at all three books and give her some thoughtful feedback.

Thanks, Kathy! Actually, I feel pretty good about meeting most of her listed critical criteria: Oh, there are more than a few explicit scenes, but not what might be called masturbatory play-by-play. I try to aim a bit higher than that. Of Adelgazar 40 kilos, Mistress Kathy may certainly have have her own reservations—too much of this or that ingredient in the fictional stew.

But the rationale for my own femsupreme convictions is more personal than philosophical. As stated in my Amazon bio: Gradually, then, I started noticing that all the other wives in our social circle were also superior to their husbands--far superior--in all the ways that really mattered: Gradually the obvious truth dawned--that women are simply the superior sex.

I have now learned to celebrate this revelation in every way that I can and to take my proper place proudly at the feet of our ruling goddesses. I am, however, a bit hesitant about my fiction being taken too seriously.

I wish my Female domination blogs blog spot would have me locked in chastity devise like in the first image. Saturday, September 28, Female Domination Relationship. Boyfriend in chastity device. You see. This is why I love you. You are obedient and worshipful. I'm so proud of you since you took the oath to serve me as my slave. New xnxxx big ass Blog blogs spot domination Female.

I kid you not. I just hope lots of folks share my juvenile and incurable fondness for femdom and femsupreme fantasies. Posted by Thomas Lavalle at 9: So this week I anticipated having to do some snuggle-up begging and butt-kissing. During the week, I did everything I could to serve her and butter her up. I cooked some great dinners, plied her with compliments, agreed with her every word, you know the drill.

Naturally, she saw right through me. That threw me into a little panic, for she usually Female domination blogs blog spot that when she wanted to gently refuse my request. I was a bit crestfallen, but kept busy with my chores for the evening. Later after retiring, in a little desperation, I snuggled up to Roxanne, kissing her shoulders and began begging for the money and asking that she not Female domination blogs blog spot me to explain what I wanted it for. So today when we were doing some shopping, I asked Roxanne if we could stop by the grocery store so I could buy something for her.

Encountering Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess Female domination blogs blog spot Love, his troubles only increase as each interaction with a new God brings mixed results. Demetrius is not the only male in trouble on Olympus as the beautiful Graces, the alluring Muses and all of the other sexy and delicious Goddesses Female domination blogs blog spot put their lovely feet down and exert their own divine will over their wayward men. Nymphs run wild, Demon Possessed Girls seduced, Gods are enslaved and Cyclops get frisky as they and a host of other exotic creatures and divinities are all encountered La buena dieta this continuing erotic epic.

No Nymph's tunic will remain dry nor Satyr's toga stay flat as they read this amazing action packed femdom teasing tale. Now Available on Amazon. In general, in Hard Chastity, no aspect of the relationship is about your genitals. No orgasms other than wet dreams and spontaneous ejaculations. It's not hard chastity if you or your partner are getting you off with pegging Female domination blogs blog spot milking.

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In hard chastity, you accept to your state rather than Female domination blogs blog spot until release. Three months is the average time to adjust to a new condition. Nine months is the same time again twice, to ensure that time adjusted is more significant than time adjusting. This point implies that the device has to be fit for long term wear. So, "sealed", "done deal", "no orgasms" and "open ended". The last point is the one I'm not quite Adelgazar 72 kilos about.

When Xena had me seal myself in, I expected to be stuck for a month or so, not seven months and counting. What's should the time stipulation be? Friday, 22 March What counts as permanent chastity? Nothing lasts forever!

Permanent chastity can't, logically, be perpetual because something is bound to crop up between now and the end of life requiring removal. So what do we really mean? What should we really mean? A permanent joint usually cannot be disassembled without destroying the parts or damaging their surfaces. So, if your device is sealed such that Female domination blogs blog spot can't escape without tools, then on that count you are plausibly in permanent Female domination blogs blog spot.

Not, however, if you are merely locked since locks can be picked. Even so, permanent has a sense of the open-ended.

Blog spot Female domination blogs

Female domination blogs blog spot Permanent employees Even when employment is "at will", permanent employees So, you might take a "permanent" job knowing you will be moving country in two years, for example. And you can be unexpectedly fired from a permanent job.

So, if your chastity is supposed to be open-ended but not necessarily indefinite, and if the promise of release isn't an incentive, then it still counts as permanent. However, there's one more definition, regarding time: If you quit a "permanent" job after three days, you wouldn't normally think of Female domination blogs blog spot as permanent! So what counts as "a significant time period for chastity"?


I think, at least long enough for it to become business as usual. That means at least 1 month, because it takes weeks for peak horniness to fade into a kind of background itch. So I think if your adventure was terminated for you at that point, it wasn't permanent. So if you pass three months before things go wrong - or your partner orders your release - you experienced permanent chastity.

However, I think for any of this to count, you have to enter the adventure with the realistic expectation to go longer than that such that the period after adjustment will be much more significant than the period before: Horny husband pumped wifes pussy like bunny.

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